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South Australian Judo Academy SAIO Medalists
South Australian Judo Academy Free Trial Class

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​​10 - 26 Vale Avenue
Tel: 0402 859 905
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  • Who created Judo?
    The father of Judo is Professor Jigoro Kano (1860-1938). He studied jujutsu at an early age and founded the Kodokan to teach the art of Judo.
  • What is the English translation or the meaning of the word Judo?
    Gentle Way
  • What is the purpose in learning Judo?
    The development of character, mind, and body so that one can contribute something of value to the world. The principle of cooperation (jita kyoei), working for mutual welfare and benefit. The principle of maximum efficiency (seiryoku zenyo), using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest results.
  • What will I need to bring (or do) to get started?
    On your trial session, please wear comfortable workout type clothes like loose fitting track pants (no shorts). We do have uniform jackets (gi's) you can borrow while you try out the classes and we have a variety of SA Judo Academy Embossed judo gi’s for sale. STIRCTLY No hard or metal objects ie: jewellery and no metal buttons, zippers, etc on your clothing, please. Plan to workout in your bare feet. Fingernails and toenails should be cut short. Long hair must be tied back. We recommend that you stay hydrated during your class - please bring along your own water bottle or you can purchase bottled water or sports drinks from our kiosk.
  • Do I have to be fit to do judo?
    Most people start the same way, looking for a way to increase fitness that is more interesting than the gym. Judo is like a full body workout. You don’t have to be fit to start; your fitness will improve with your commitment to judo training. A good attitude and a willingness to work hard is a great start. DISCLAIMER: If you have health concerns, it is always best to consult with a doctor or medical professional before beginning any exercise program.
  • Are you a competition focussed club?
    Entering ompetition is purely an individual choice and some people who participate at SA Judo Academy may never compete. It is about reaching your own maximum potential. At the same time, those who decide to compete will do so knowing that the full support of SA Judo Academy is behind them and we will prepare you if that is your choice. Classes are geared towards both types, and we feel the success of the academy is largely how everyone does their part to do better and help their fellow students get better. It’s really a great dynamic!
  • How long must I train to get my Black Belt?
    An adult student of who attends class two times per week on a regular basis can expect to earn a black belt in about five years.
  • Are you affiliated with any organsiastions?
    YES. We have affiliations with our State Governing Body JUDOSA and our National Governing Body AUSJUDO. After a maximum of five trial lessons, you must become a member of the SA Judo Academy and JUDOSA. This is a condition of the club’s insurance policy and allows you to train and participate in eligible endorsed competitions. SA Judo Academy has also achieved the highest ranking LEVEL 3 GOOD SPORTS CLUB through the . SA Judo Academy is also a recognised STARCLUB through the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.

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