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“A true legacy is established over a lifetime

and relates to what a human being does for others,

not for himself.”

(Bill Courtney)

Steven Brown | Sandy McCulloch Life Member South Australian Judo Academy

Life Membership Recipients

Director, Strategy & Marketing

On Saturday 4th November 2017, the South Australian Judo Academy celebrated 10 years in the community.

We took this moment to make a special presentation of our very first Life Member and honorary Sho Dan (black belt).

Sporting clubs survive from a very small number of volunteers who are willing to give for everyone else.  Sandy has gone above and beyond, to significantly impact the formation of the club and helped our club grow to the largest in South Australia. 

We have some great members, some highly successful athletes and some awesome coaches, but only one member who has had such an integral role in shaping who we are and what we have achieved; that without them, we would simply not exist.  In February 2016, Sandy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Oral Cancer - what's so inspiring is to see Sandy's continued drive and passion to do the most for our club despite her constant health battle.

Congratulations Sandy - South Australian Judo Academy Inaugural Life Member - Steven Brown Head Coach

Edit- Sandy sadly lost her battle with cancer on August 6th 2019, surrounded by friends and family.  Her legacy will live on forever through what she has created at our club.

Sandy McCulloch



Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members who’s exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has a provided measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time.

Honorary Life Membership is recognized by the South Australian Judo Academy as the highest recognition that can be awarded onto a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution; it should retain its prestige and not be awarded easily.

Any full or retired member can be nominated by any current full member with the nomination seconded by at least one other full member.


Life membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees must be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison to others. 


1. Free SAJA & JudoSA membership.
2. Free entry to all SAJA run tournaments and events.
3. Life Member Names to be entered on the register kept of Life Members – and these names

    to be published on the SAJA website.
4. Life members hold one vote (separate from any club voting rights) at any SAJA AGM. 

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