Assistant Coach - Shodan

Head Coach - Sandan

Quality coaching from passionate and experienced judo coaches is vital to delivering high quality and enjoyable sessions for everyone who participates in the sport.

Why is it an important job to be a SAJA Coach?

Our coaches have a responsibility to each judoka member at the club, to everyone who steps onto the mat looking for knowledge and learning the art of judo. 

The SAJA Coaching Team is patient, engaging with good communication skills and an ability to adapt their teaching style to a range of different individuals.

It is important that the sessions stay fun and participants are able to participate at all levels - some will do it as a hobby, some will want to go on and represent their country.  Whatever your judo dream is - our coaching team is there with you every step of the way.

Assistant Coach - Yodan

Sean started his judo at age five and got to his blue (Ni Kyu) belt before he 'walked away' thinking he knew it all.  He spent almost twenty years also focussing on a basketball career throughout the USA and South Australian State Team competitions. 

In 2010, Sean came back to judo with the encouragement of his father (also an accomplished judoka)...

Steven Brown Judo
Steven Brown

Head Coach - Sandan

Steve started Judo at 6 years of age, at Ridgehaven Judo Club.  His first State Team appearance in 1999 (13 years of age) and has been in State Teams ever since, and now more recently, as senior state coach for teenagers and adults.

He graded to black belt (Shodan) at 18 years old in 2004, then graded to (Nidan) (2nd) at 21 years old in 2007 followed by his grading to (Sandan) (3rd) in 2011 at 25 years old...

Tony Choi
Tony Choi

Tony started his judo at age 13 years (over 30 years now).  He watched the Judo contests on TV as part of the 1988 Summer Seoul Olympic Game where two Korean Judo players achieved Gold medals and a third Korean Judo player got a bronze medal. This inspired Tony's judo dream! 


He enrolled in Judo at his local school and later in University where he dedicated himself everyday to training in South Korea...

Sean Hesketh

Assistant Coach - Shodan

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Graeme Brown

Assistant Coach - Shodan

Graeme spent large parts of his life learning different martial arts, including training under the South Australian legend Moss Hollis.  He began Judo in 1993 with his son Steve at Ridgehaven Judo Club.  Graeme graded to black belt (Shodan) in 2005. 


He is a former member of JudoSA committee of management.  He arranged training for International Olympic Judo teams prior to Sydney 2000.  He played an integral role in the formation of SAJA. On Christmas eve 2006, he drove to Melbourne and back over night with Steve to buy SAJA’s first set of mats – 28 second hand mats that were 20 years old!

William started his judo at age five and is currently working on getting his green belt (San Kyu).  At twelve years of age, he still has a lot of learning to do, but enjoys his time assisting our Head Coach with the Mini Ninjas (4 - 6 year olds) class!

With a stack of local medals and one interstate medal already secured, William is keen to keep up his involvement in as many competitions as possible and working towards achieving his Shodan (Black Belt).

William strength and conditioning from his judo training has helped him with his footy (AFL) as well.

William McCulloch

Trainee Junior Assistant - Yonkyu



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