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The grades and the Dan ranks are very important in the education system of Judo. SAJA's discipline has been conceived by its’ founder, Jigoro Kano, as a physical and mental education system by practice and the grades are the measure of the student’s progress.


The student grades are called Kyu and are usually differentiated by coloured belts (obi). Grading for belts up to and including Brown Belt is done at club level. Grading for all Dan grades is done in front of a panel of grading officials, typically consisting of the higher Dan-grade holders in South Australia. Only Dan-grade holders that have been officially appointed by JudoSA are allowed to grade.

For all 'solid' colour belts (as shown below), students will receive an official JFA Certificate.  Under the junior belt grading system for all 'half colours and black tips', students will receive a SAJA Certificate.

Grading Overview

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